Be established in April, 2005
Our mostly customers are Feedmill (Aquaculture/ Livestock), Farms and Hatcheries. We have more than 150 customers ( shops/ agents) are distributing
 with 80 products around Viet Nam from the Northern to Mekong Delta. We have 32 employees (12 at office, 20 sales man at field)

Tan Sao A Co., LTD specializes in import and distribution:
   - Material & additive are used in manufacture factory of aquaculture and livestock feeds.
   - The microbial products, nutrition products, enzymes, chemical treatment, minerals…use for shrimp and fish growout ponds and hatchery.
   - Aquafeed for shrimp and fish hatchery.
We are currently official distributor in Vietnam for:
   - Nutriad-Addiseo International N.V - Belgium
   - Great Lakes BioSystems INC- USA
   - Lucky Star Feed Corporation - Taiwan

These are large corporations with a distribution network across the globe.

With the Motto: “Solutions for Success”
We hope bring solutions to our customers with:
    - Most Advance
    - Most Effective
    - Best Economy
Through quality products imported by those above corporations.